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SEO is important for driving traffic to your website, but what your customers find when they get there determines whether they will become customers or leave. Several web design mistakes can cause the customer to leave without becoming a paying customer. Trenchless Marketing offers website design services for trenchless sewer repair and can help make sure your website is ready when customers arrive to explore your services.

Poor Customer Experience

Your website is like your storefront. Often, it is the first contact with your company, and appearances count. When the customer arrives at your site and is greeted by a visually unappealing experience, they will be likely to leave quickly. The same can be said for having too many distracting ads. Trenchless website development can help design a site that will make customers want to stay and look around.

No Call to Action

One of the biggest mistakes in web design is having no clear call to action. This is especially true for informative blog posts. The entire site should drive the customer along the sales funnel. Trenchless pipe lining website development makes the call to action clear and well-placed to help your customers take the next step.

Slow Page Speed

Slow page speed harms you in several ways. The first is that customers will quickly click out if your content takes too long to appear. Second, Google will penalize your web page rank if it is too slow. This means the design must be clean with images and text that loads almost instantly. Another thing to look out for is broken links, which make you look unprofessional. Our trenchless sewer repair web design company will help make sure your web page is responsive and fast.

Trenchless pipe lining sewer repair web design means paying attention to all the aspects of web design that make customers want to stay and browse around. Trenchless Marketing offers packages that include web design, SEO, PPC advertising support, and Google Maps optimization. Contact Trenchless Marketing today so we can help make sure your website is ready when customers arrive!

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