Search Engine Optimization

Get to the top of Google!

If you want web traffic — real web traffic — you’re going to need to organically rank at the top of your target keywords’ search engine results pages. The only trouble is that the results on the first search engine results page get the most traffic, with the number one position getting the lion’s share. As Search Engine Watch reports, Google’s first ranked result gets about 32.5% of web traffic; the second gets 17.6% of web traffic; and the third gets 11.4% of web traffic. When all is said and done, the results on the first search engine results page get a whopping 92% of web traffic.

Basically, you need to be in the top 10 search engine results, which is a lot easier said than done.

Luckily, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can get you there. With the right research and analysis, our service can deliver serious end-user value.

Our team will find the keywords your target consumers are using to look for your business, learning as much as we can to provide you with a completely customized campaign. We not only find the keywords that matter, but the ones you didn’t even know people were using to get to you, and will then capitalize on them. We make the changes that need to be put in place, and keep at it, increasing your site’s rank over time.

Once the campaign’s rolling, we stick with it to make sure our tactics are working for your digital presence, redirecting the course of the strategy and fine-tuning it as things progress. We track the data your business needs to drive traffic to its site, increase sales, and improve conversion rates.

With these powerful, marketing tools at our disposal, we could do what needs to be done to get your site where it needs to be — at the top of the search engine results pages, in front of your target consumers.