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Chat Service Software for Your Trenchless Company

Engage Customers With Live Chat on Your Website

Everyone knows the frustration of not being able to get in touch with a live representative when you have questions about a product or service. In the age of the Internet, this frustration becomes an even bigger problem as customers expect on-demand solutions and fast answers. Thankfully, your plumbing or sewer repair company can provide solutions to local customers who need fast answers through live chat software from Trenchless Marketing.


According to Forrester, a leading research group, 44% of customers rate live chat support as a very important feature when making a purchase online. Research by ZenDesk as reported by HubSpot bolsters this result by showing that 66% of online customers expect some type of live interaction option when making a purchase. Furthermore, ZenDesk also says that 54% of customers on the web expect service to be personalized.

These statistics show that the customer experience during digital interactions has a large effect on purchasing decisions, and live chat plays an important role in delivering personalized customer service. Without live chat functionality available through your company’s website, your trenchless sewer repair company may be missing out on leads that end up converting at your competition.


Deliver Personalized Service to Your Customers

Our chat software integrates directly into your company’s website, and customers can interact with a live representative according to your company's schedule. In fact, our software makes it easy to create a live chat service that operates 24 hours a day, allowing your business to provide round-the-clock digital support when customers need it.

The Features of Our Live Chat Software

Our chat software here Trenchless Marketing incorporates a simple design with sophisticated features. Whether you want to integrate chat sessions directly into the design of your plumbing or sewer repair company’s website or you want to offer live text messaging capabilities through mobile devices, our chat software can help. Below are some additional features we know your company and customers will love:

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    Chat sessions can be routed across multiple support agents

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    Text message alerts are sent to notify support agents of unanswered chat requests

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    Chat can be used through your company’s website or through SMS messaging

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    Chat history can be saved for future reference to inform and educate customers

The personal nature of providing live support to customers is one of the most important reasons to take advantage of chat software for your sewer repair company. Trenchless Marketing can offer customized recommendations to make sure your company has the features it needs to deliver unparalleled customer service.

The Benefits

Offering access to live chat support on your company’s website provides the obvious benefit of being able to deliver fast customer service and answers to questions, but chat software also offers trenchless and plumbing companies these additional benefits:

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    Chat access builds brand trust and authority

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    Chat support can offer personalized service that can generate word-of-mouth marketing opportunities

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    Access to chat support can help customers to make informed decisions about purchases, reducing future complaints

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    Chat support opens opportunities to market additional services and memberships

In addition, delivering live chat support can keep a lead engaged for longer periods of time. While on your company’s website, a lead can receive exposure to additional marketing that can improve upselling strategies.

What Sets Our Chat Software Apart

Trenchless Marketing understands the sewer and plumbing repair industry — our over 100 years of experience have allowed our development team to create software solutions that speak to the challenges trenchless plumbing professionals face. Our chat support software also helps in that your company stays on top of chat requests by alerting your support agents to pending chat requests. This leads to faster response times and greater overall customer satisfaction.

At Trenchless Marketing, we don’t just do digital marketing – we live digital marketing. Our team of experts is completely invested in the journey of each client we serve. In fact, we provide innovative chat software solutions and digital marketing services to help our trenchless and plumbing company clients achieve success with their local customers.

Contact Trenchless Marketing and Guarantee Total Customer Satisfaction

Ready to experience the difference live chat support can give your sewer repair company and its customers? Contact Trenchless Marketing today to schedule your free consultation. Call us or fill out the online form to reach out to our digital marketing experts.