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Everybody likes to get a good review, from grade-schoolers turning in homework, to actors in Broadway shows, to businesses looking to keep their customers satisfied. As for the latter, however, there are other reasons you need to obtain good reviews, especially in the online arena.

Many business owners have fully embraced the digital era and the benefits it offers. Still, with technology advancing at a break-neck pace, it can be difficult to keep up with everything you need to do to maintain a prominent online presence.

Just when you think you’ve got your bases covered with SEO, suddenly you have to shift your focus to social media. Regular marketing is no longer the best way to reach an audience – now you have to cater to their wants and needs with content marketing.

It’s a never-ending cycle that can leave even the savviest business owners frustrated and feeling like they’re chasing the rabbit on the racetrack. That said, good reviews never go out of style. These days the format may be different thanks to consumer review sites, but businesses always want to utilize good reviews for promotional purposes.

You just might not exactly know how these reviews can be used to the best advantage in the online arena. Why do online reviews matter so much and how can you work to get them? Here are a few things you need to know if you want to set your trenchless business up for success where online reviews are concerned.


The most important way in which online reviews affect your business is influence. How you’re rated and ranked conveys something about your company that goes beyond the words that make up a review.

Seeing five stars, or alternately, seeing only one star on average, tells a viewer immediately whether peers (other consumers) were satisfied with your service or not. You naturally want to ensure higher ratings if at all possible.

However, the content of consumer reviews is important, as well. It’s not necessarily helpful if reviewers say you were good, bad, or adequate. In fact, a lackluster, one-word review can be just as bad as a negative review in some cases.

When people reach the stage where they’re reading reviews, chances are they already know what kind of service they’re looking for and they may even have specific vendors in mind. At that point they’re looking for details that make your company stand out.

They want to know if you’re knowledgeable and skilled. They want to know if honest and easy to work with. They want to know if you’re fast and affordable. In other words, why are you a better choice than your competitors?

Reviews can tell consumers all they need to know at a glance and on further inspection. Whether your ratings are good or bad, and whether reviews contain a wealth of data or very little, it will have an influence on purchasing decisions.


Before reviews can influence consumers, they must first be seen. Interestingly, your reviews can not only affect search rankings, but they may actually show up in search queries.

It’s important to understand why search engines work the way they do. Their primary goal is to provide their own customers with the best possible information. When they deliver relevant results, users return to run more searches.

How do reviews fit in? Consumers like reviews, so search engines like them, too. With enough good reviews you could end up boosting your rankings. In addition, reviews (mainly star ratings attached to reviews) can show up in search results and on ads, especially if you utilize multiple Google tools (Google My Business, Google+ Business Page, and Google ads, for example).

How to Get Good Reviews

The best way to get good reviews is by providing the best possible service and then encouraging satisfied customers to support your business with online reviews. You can do this in a variety of ways.

You can make things easier for consumers by making yourself visible online – i.e. easy to find. From there you’ll need attractive interfaces (website, social media pages, etc.) and you should think about adding animated explainer videos.

There are plenty of people who don’t understand what trenchless businesses do. Animated explainer videos can convey pertinent information quickly and in an entertaining manner. Consumers appreciate ease of use, and animated explainer videos hit the mark.

Naturally, you’ll have to deliver stellar work in between. You’ll also want to monitor reviews so you can address any negative feedback and manage your online reputation. The point is that you need to find ways to encourage positive online reviews so you can gain the influence and rankings they confer.

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