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Technical SEO refers to every SEO work which is done from the content; basically, it is laying a tough foundation to offer your content a better chance so as to rank for significant phrases as well as keywords while Content marketing is a planned marketing approach centered on building as well as distributing consistent, relevant, and valuable content to draw as well as retain a defined audience as well as bring about profitable customer actions.

In the past few years, if you did technical SEO better, this was all you required. Heavy keywords, sold pages, and good site structures on the major navigational pages were all that you needed to do.

Today the genuine source that drives a lot of traffic is content marketing, as everyone is following the harsh rules of technical SEO; you should make your self different and start using content marketing, where you generate vast content to draw the targeted traffic. If we talk about content marketing, everybody is doing it because it works in most of the cases (if done right).

Technical SEO has got an average level that you should achieve. For instance in a keyword approach, once you know the keywords that are targeted, all you should do is to optimize the keyword page only. Technical SEO and content marketing go hand in hand as there is no competition between the two; hence you should focus on both. Both content marketing as well as technical SEO are significant but technical SEO leads content marketing.

There are some situations where you can’t do a lot with technical SEO; hence you should use this opportunity to establish great content. The significance about Content marketing, it does not stop however it will always evolves. You should also perform some technical SEO like reoptimizing titles as you spend time on content marketing.

Some of the factors that will assist you to determine whether to use content marketing or technical SEO include; current website design, industry niche, blogosphere, content competition plus brand equity, amount of content presently available, as well as worth of backlink profile.

Blogosphere – social media has evolved the method through which information is spread. Traffic is based on the quality of the content such as if you have got high quality content you will see a lot of traffic from social media. If you feature several social traction, publications as well as bloggers, this will give you a lot of traffic as it is highly healthy content.

Conclusions: Is Content marketing important Than Technical SEO?

Digital marketing isn’t a single-size fit all services; content marketing is one of the significant pieces of an advanced inbound marketing campaign. Looking at content marketing verse technical SEO, I could say that premium quality content will have more search traffic compared to technical SEO. Content marketing is inter-reliant on a technical SEO solid base, search volume and rankings relating to relevant keywords. So as to get the best result you should use both technical SEO as well as content marketing together as they are the same and work well when both of them are used.

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