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First off, we must say a BIG thank you to all of our clients here at Trenchless Marketing.  In as little as eight months we have just signed up our 25th client.  In all honesty, never thought we would have 25 awesome contractors in under a year. So much goes into how we foster growth for our clients.  Moreover, based on exceeding our growth expectations it has allowed us to hire two “in-house” top notch partners who help keep this ship on the right path.  It’s one thing to grow your company but you must never forget those customers who got you there.

Early on, when my wife and I decided to go out on our own, we knew then that customer service, working well with our clients and delivering on what we promise would be the key factor to client retention. Nobody is perfect and you will make mistakes along the way, but it’s the way you humble yourself with your clients that will help foster long term growth.  Besides, I am convinced we are built by our failures not our successes. It’s what you do when you fail and how your respond to those failures that dictate the level of success you will have.  Oh yeah, don’t repeat failures…that’s important too.

We have garnered so much from our clients from learning about their stories and how they started their business.  People, for the most part want to put in a hard day’s work, make a solid wage, love their families and wake up and do it all over again.  Funny, we are the same way!  There is only one regret we have is that we didn’t start Trenchless Marketing sooner!  Oh well, no reason to focus on the past but instead look to the bright future and BUILD those relationships.

Here at Trenchless Marketing we used to think we were just in the SEO game, but we have learned it’s much more than that.  We tell YOUR story the way you want it told to the WORLD and we build your BRAND the way you envisioned it. So, if you feel your story is not being told correctly or you had something different in mind when you started your business, you should give us a call 888.509.7996.

Trenchless Marketing we are experts in telling your story.

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