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With regards to online marketing there are a couple of categories I use to describe trenchless companies out there today.

Convinced – These companies approach online marketing very seriously and spend time trying to maximize its potential. I normally do not need to convince them to invest properly in online marketing, they are already convinced.  Instead we meet like Generals and discuss the internet as a battlefield.

Seekers – These companies have heard the success stories and have probably watched their competitors grow because of focused online marketing.  However, they are still leery to part with the right investment to truly gain the right exposure. They are seeking the right marketing company.

Indecisive – This is a tricky category.  Here we have companies that have decided to try internet marketing to grow their business.  However, they chose to go with the lowest investment marketer and they expected results in a week or two.  There was probably little to no communication after they were ‘closed’.  Once they do not get the results they desire, this category can go one of two ways, either they say forget it, it’s just not worth the headache, or they are willing to give it another try.

Opposed – Not for me or my company.

It is my job to impart to my clients, in such an industry as ours, that there is tremendous upside in growing your company via internet marketing and branding. The main requirement I implore is to select the right company.  One that understands your business and industry.  If you decide to go with a company that is not passionate about the Trenchless Industry, you may be getting off on the wrong foot.

Knowing this, here at Trenchless Marketing, we excel at putting together game-ending strategies in place for our clients.  We can do this simply because the industry IS STILL NOT oversaturated or overly competitive.  There is so much opportunity for companies to suit up and get on the playing field.  Google has been gracious enough in affording us an opportunity in a post penguin world to make the right moves that will benefit your company for years and years to come.

What are the main elements deployed in a game ending scenario, you ask?

Relevant Link building.

This needs to be approached with an attitude toward what’s best for the client or what the client would expect their business to be associated with, in short, relevancy.  It should not be approached with trying to convince Google that your linking meets their minimum requirement.  This automatically creates a grey area and could end up harming you in the long run.  The process needs to be refined and nuanced in order to be successful.  The question to ask is not so much, what will this link do for my site now, but what will it continue to do for my site over time.  We call it link building for a reason.

Next week, I will cover the next element, Content.  Stay tuned..


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