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A keen awareness of trends is essential if you want to make it in the online marketing world.

Trenchless Marketing is your trusted online marketing company for sewer and trenchless repair companies. It’s a role we take seriously, which is why we offer useful advice to our clients whenever possible. Today, we’re focusing on marketing trends you need to consider if you’re hoping to improve your online results this year.

Voice SEO

Voice searches were once considered something of a novelty. Today, however, voice searches are quite common. Make your sewer repair marketing services easier to find by embracing voice-based SEO. This means using more conversational phrases for your keywords. Also, be sure to include your location since most voice searches are locally based.

Text Message Marketing

As long as you’re not too intrusive, marketing via text can be effective and beneficial. Text messages can be used to attract new customers or stay connected with existing ones. Just make sure you have permission from your target audience before you send messages. We’re the sewer repair marketing company that can help you get started with text message marketing.

Influencer Marketing

As a trusted pipe lining marketing company, we’re always on top of trends. One of these trends is influencer marketing. What you’re doing here is reaching out to online users in your market area or in your industry or niche. If you get their attention, you’ll expand your online reach, which ultimately helps your business.

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