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In recent years, internet marketing has significantly advanced for trenchless contractors and plumbers. Years ago in the mid to late 90s most trenchless contractors would list their business in an online yellow pages directory and that along perhaps with a basic website would be the extent of their marketing. However, much has changed since then and trenchless contractors now have dozens of online marketing methods that they can use to get more clients locally, expand, build their brand, and get a greater share of online leads. Internet marketing has significantly advanced and the latest methods include SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads and other forms of pay-per-click marketing, and much more.

Google Ads is one of the best ways to quickly show up in the search engines

If you’ve recently started online marketing for your trenchless business, you may not be showing up highly in the search engines for several of your target keywords. It takes time for SEO to start to work for your business. However, Google Ads and other forms of pay-per-click advertising are a great way for you to start to show up more quickly in the search engines. Using Google Ads you can show up on the first page of Google with high enough bids, and this can be very important for local keywords related to your business such as sewer repair (your city) or sewer inspection (your city). Trenchless Marketing can help you set up your pay-per-click campaigns and ensure that they are properly optimized for the highest conversion rate possible.

SEO is a necessity as well

SEO is a must for any trenchless business with a web presence, and it can make a major impact on the growth of your business, especially once you start ranking for your target keywords. With just a bit of basic SEO you can compete and ensure that your company’s website is ranking for all of its target keywords. SEO provides you with a source of high quality targeted traffic and it is a necessity when you are trying to stay competitive and build your business. Trenchless Marketing is highly experienced with every form of SEO and can help you build your business using this effective marketing technique.

Social media marketing is also essential

Social media marketing through websites like Twitter, Facebook and many others is also highly effective at helping you grow your business. Your customers can ask you questions and you can directly address them through social media, and it is also an excellent source of leads. Trenchless Marketing can help you with your social media marketing needs and help structure a social media marketing plan that will work for your business and help you grow. Twitter is a great source for potential leads and can drive traffic to your website as well as Facebook. If you want to use Facebook’s paid advertising platform we can also assist you with setting that up as well.

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