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Ahhh…the importance of a bunch of words, well relevant words that is.  Are you ready to go deep with your content and tell your story?  It now appears Google understands what you do before you do it, so you need to back off from the over-optimization of cramming keywords into your site.  Instead, we need to engage the Googs respectively by telling your story.  You and I are talking about the Trenchless industry, how much content can we really go deep with?  A lot actually, more than you think.  By structuring deep, rich, relevant content into your site, you become an authority in your field.  It’s almost as if before Google gives you the keys to the wonderful world of keyword rankings, traffic and phone calls which turn into new customers.  You must tell your story really well and do it consistently, at least better than how your competitors do it.

But you are so busy.  How do you do this?

Here is what we do for our busy contractors. At least a couple of times a month we need to have the ability to summarize what has happened over the course of the month.  One way we build deep content is through your Blog and write about ‘real job stories‘.  Our contractors literally text us pictures directly from the job site along with the job details.  Since we know the Trenchless industry better than anyone else, we can write an awesome article with pictures that best represent your company.  Real job stories are a great way to post relevant, unique content.  The problem is, it needs to be structured and well planned out.  Most people just willy nilly post content to their blog without any thought or strategy.  And, as a result of not seeing results most contractors lose interest and stop posting. What if I told you Google really loves to see ‘active momentum’ and it needs to be an ongoing part of your work life?  What if we can do that for you?  Would you commit to doing this, or would you make excuses not to?

Our professional writers here at Trenchless Marketing are US based and we do a great job representing you and your company.  If you are interested in learning more about having TM manage your blog then give us a call today, 888.509.7996.

BTW, its remarkably affordable and our Two Blog Post package starts at $69.95 monthly for new clients.

If you are serious about your company as we are about the Trenchless industry, then you should give us a call today 888.509.7996

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