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My husband, who has been offering marketing services to the Trenchless community for the last 6 years, is dedicated to working for and with our clients.  After hearing multiple stories where contractors were taken advantage of by online marketing firms, it was evident we needed to step up to the plate and begin our new business venture.  We have started out with 15 Trenchless Companies and look forward to growing their business and their brand.  We take pride in the fact that we are a specialized boutique firm, and we work personally with our clients.  Being a full time Mom for the past 6 years has been a blessing, but with my past marketing experience, I have a passion to get back in the game.  My husband and I work alongside each other and focus on the Trenchless Industry.  We know there is a need for online marketing and contractors are going to use someone to fulfill that need.  Our hope is that the Trenchless Contractor truly acknowledges our passion and loyalty to the industry and will use Trenchless Marketing for their online marketing needs.

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