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A positive and successful client relationship is often a lucrative one. It’s the same way with any business and trenchless contractors are no exception. Establishing a good, strong connection with your clientele is the best way to shore up repeat business in the future and secure referrals for new clients as well.

So how does one maintain a solid working relationship with their clients? It’s all about giving every client the personal attention they expect and deserve. They will remember the quality of your service and be more likely to offer that all important referral for new clients. But that’s not all; there are some other important aspects to keep in mind and put into practice on a consistent basis.

Everyone is a Potential Client

Identify future clientele early, even if they’re not in the market for your business yet. The earlier you make contact with a possible future client, then the quicker you can help you define their potential needs and goals. This way you can make that initial consultation without it actually being a formal discussion and put yourself in the best possible position to be prepared when this potential customer is ready to call upon your services.

Practice Patience

It’s just a fact that personal and professional relationships take time and cultivating them requires patience. There’s a little bit of give and take needed as both parties get a feel for one another and learn what works and what doesn’t in relating to each other throughout the course of a project. Just keep in mind, it’s all about the level of service you provide that will ultimately build the strongest and most enduring foundation for a successful relationship with your clients.

Always be Accurate

Clarity and accuracy are of paramount importance when you’re entering into any business relationship. So when you commence a project always be clear and accurate in every stage of the job. Budgeting, designing, execution – these are all of the areas where a contractor must provide the most accurate information about what they are doing and how the service is benefiting the customer. It’s particularly important to stress accuracy when the client has given specific instructions or specifications for how the job should be performed and completed.

Communication is Key

Keeping your client apprised of the status at every phase of the project makes them feel assured and helps build their confidence in your business. This is a terrific way to create that foundation of trust upon which to build a healthy and successful relationship. There really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t have routine communication with the customer, as there are so many ways to stay in touch in today’s technologically advanced world. Emails, text messages, and even social media are all great methods through which to communicate before, during, and after a project has been completed.

Stay in Touch

We know good relationships take time and cultivating them requires patience, but sometimes a contact that you’ve been working with leaves their current employment and moves on to a new firm. It’s good to remain up to date on the status of your clients so that you can stay fresh in their minds and continue to develop the relationship instead of losing touch with that individual.

Go Above and Beyond

You always give 110% for your clients and it shows. But going that extra step for someone who isn’t yet a client can be where the most crucial moment exists in developing a successful relationship. You may find yourself in a position to provide some expert advice on a project even if you’re not formally a part of that project.

This can benefit you in a couple of ways; it demonstrates your knowledge and experience while also displaying a willingness to advise and assist even when you’re not formally affiliated with the job. People notice this type of expertise and initiative and, who knows, they may be willing to bring you on for the next gig that they have down the line. In some cases, you may even be asked by a client to perform duties that go beyond your typical purview. It’s up to you to oblige them, but showing that readiness to go above and beyond is rarely forgotten.

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