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You may run the best trenchless business in your area, but if your customers are finding competitors first, no one may even know you exist, much less that you offer superior service. Your work will no doubt speak for itself once you’ve been hired for the job, but you first need to be found.

These days, getting found means dealing with Google. The search giant continues to dominate the market, nabbing nearly two-thirds of all search traffic annually. If you’re not getting found on Google you’re missing out on a lot of potential clients.

The big question, of course, is how to compete, and specifically, how to get found by local clients. What can you do to get the best ranking for local searches? How can you appear in targeted searches ahead of your competitors?

Clients are looking for a trenchless business and you want them to find you. In order to accomplish this goal, you can pursue a variety of strategies. Here are just a few tactics that could contribute to making your business more visible on Google.

Google My Business Listing

Getting found on Google, at least in the most simplistic sense, requires you to claim and/or create a Google listing for your business. This directory is like the modern day Yellow Pages. There is actually a modern day Yellow Pages, as well, but more people use Google, so let’s focus on the Google directory.

There may already be a listing for your business, in which case you simply need to claim it and begin filling in pertinent information like your location, contact information, and a link to your website, just for example. If this information already exists, just make sure it is accurate (down to the spelling).

Consider that this is the first step toward building your presence on Google and it will connect to your other Google efforts, including your Google+ page, your analytics, and even advertising you do through Google (Google Ads, for example).

Google+ Business Page

Once you have set up your Google My Business listing, it’s time to create your Google+ Business Page, which is your social media interface on Google, similar to your Facebook page. Why do you need a Google+ Business Page if you already have a Facebook page?

You don’t necessarily need it, but if you want to make the most of your efforts on Google, utilizing all of the tools and platforms at your disposal can help in a variety of ways. With Google+ connected to your Google My Business listing, people can more easily connect with you after finding your listing on Google, just for example.

In addition, you can also see Google+ data on your Google My Business dashboard, and data from your Google+ account (most notably reviews and ratings) can show up as part of search listings. In other words, don’t forego a Google+ Business Page just because you already have other social media accounts in place.

Targeted SEO Efforts

If you want to bring in business you need to not only get found for searches but direct people back to your website for further information. Search engine optimization plays a big role in getting found.

There are some ways you can tweak your efforts in order to be found for local searches. For example, you need to start using localized keywords. Instead of competing for keywords like “trenchless business”, try opting for “trenchless business Miami” or “trenchless technology Los Angeles”. Not only will you have less competition for more specific keywords, but you’ll attract more targeted, relevant searches.

Get Meta

Your site is indexed according to a variety of criteria, one of them being your meta data. Make sure to include local keywords in titles, tags, and descriptions to ensure the greatest chance of discovery for local searches.

Localize Social Media Profiles

Your local data should be attached to all of your online platforms, including not only your website and listings with directories, but also your social media profiles. You can even attach local information (address and phone number) to your ads as a way to increase your appeal for local searches.

Encourage Ratings and Reviews

Whether you get reviews through consumer-driven sites like Yelp and Angie’s List or you ask satisfied customers to review you on your social media pages, the ratings and review you earn could make a difference when it comes to the attention you get and ultimately, how you get found.

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