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Internet advertising can be a dangerous market to navigate. With unsavory business practices giving online advertising a bad name, the recent surge of actual internet marketing techniques takes aim at dissolving this negative and harmful stereotype. Pay Per Click advertising is but one of many types of internet advertising that is notorious for such tactics. Enter SEO, how do the two work together to improve any website?

A New Way

The process of tricking unwitting internet uses into generating profits is generally frowned upon by all but the sleaziest and unsavory of web developers. That being said, PPC marketing still has immense value. How you ask? Simple, by integrating another popular type of optimization called SEO. SEO refers to search engine optimization and is a necessary part of being successful in today’s media driven world.

Search engine optimized web pages and sites are more easily seen by web crawlers like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This, in turn, allows your content to be more easily accessible. Anyone who has done any amount of sales work realizes the value of this immediately, you can’t sell a product to customers if they don’t know it exists.

The Hybrid Effect : Blending SEO and PPC

By blending the two creatively, you can kill two birds with one stone — an effective SEO campaign will increase placement of your web page in rankings, while creative PPC advert campaigns will ensure that product is placed in front of users for your web space generating PPC sales.

Rather than forcing accidental turn overs, you can target structured offers based on the information the end user followed to find your content in the first place. This is good because your users will feel less harassed and therefore more likely to continue using your service. As a working example, a shopper searching for tennis rackets on your personal sports gear review website would be much more inclined to click a PPC ad featuring a tennis racket than an ad for a vehicle or hat. This is the magnification effect of combining both PPC and SEC campaigns — and it works with dazzling effect.

The key to using both to optimize your website is to follow these basic rules:

  1. Identify Content– This is the most important step, as you need to decide what content you will be offering to your potential sales generators. You can go with niche or generalized marketing, but your overall decision will determine your sales, so choose wisely. If you already have an idea about the content you’d like to offer during your campaign, move to the second step.
  2. Synergy: Build Around Content– Using the website example from above, a website that reviews sports gear could provide SEO optimized articles and PPC related adverts spotted within or centered around the article in an effort to expose the potential sale generator to a product they may be interested in. The most difficult part of sales is to generate interest, this is already taken care of for you, since the user has entered your web space actively looking for a product.
  3. Using Analytics To Refine– Analytics provide a very important aspect to making this hybrid technique work. Take notice of who views your pages, how long they stay and focus on catering to the core of your website’s users. You can also use analytic data to retain visitors longer and attempt to drive more sales with more, or less PPC opportunities.

Following these helpful tips you can easily begin to see improvements in sales generation from your PPC and SEO campaigns. With the added effect of analytics data you can even double or triple the effect with a little work. The potential gains are enormous, dare to innovate.

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