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Google provides businesses with many ways to take advantage of opportunities to attract local customers looking for services in their area. Google Local Service Ads and pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads are two of the most popular ways to attract leads. These programs are similar, and it is important to know the differences between Google Ads and Google Local Service Ads for trenchless sewer repair when deciding where to spend your advertising budget.

What Are the Key Differences?

Both PPC and Google LSA are programs where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The main difference is that with PPC, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad, even if they never contact you. With Google LSA, you only pay when someone actually contacts you through the ad. PPC ad campaigns lead to more clicks, but you also pay for click-throughs that do not result in conversions. Google Local Ads optimization for pipe lining company advertising professionals helps target the right keywords and increase your chances of turning a lead into a customer.

Which One Is Better?

Both Google Ads PPC advertising and Google LSA are excellent ways to drive customers. The main difference is that Google LSA increases your chances of attracting customers who are already further down the sales funnel. This results in fewer click-throughs, but the ones you do get are higher-quality leads. Google Guarantee ads for sewer repair from Trenchless Marketing are another way to help build brand trust and transform Google LSA leads into conversions. The Google Guarantee increases brand trust and makes customers more likely to buy.

Finding the Right Mix

Both PPC ads and Google LSA are excellent additions to your comprehensive advertising campaign. PPC ads tend to be less expensive than LSA click-throughs, but they might not be as effective in attracting customers. With Google Local Services Ads trenchless sewer repair companies can make more efficient use of their advertising budget.

Trenchless Marketing Google Guarantee ads services and Google LSA optimization can help drive your business toward the growth you want. Contact us today and our team will get started developing an ad campaign that is right for you!

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