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The internet is an incredibly crucial tool for successfully marketing your trenchless business. But it is equally essential of a marketing tool for everyone else’s business, too. There’s an ever-growing amount of traffic on search engines and the internet at large, but there is also an ever-growing amount of content competing with the content being produced by your business.

So how do you get yours to stick out from the crowd? SEO, or search engine optimization, is the act of properly formatting your posts in order to prioritize them on your potential customer’s search engine results. This process involves creating unique keywords, tagging your posts, and even changing the copy of your posts to be more searchable. If search engine optimization isn’t properly utilized, your business will get lost in the fray, making it difficult for customers to track you down even if they’re looking for you specifically.

But merely paying attention to SEO won’t be enough to best the competition. Most everyone is now paying attention to their search engine optimization and making SEO a key component of their online marketing strategy. So you need to not just join your competitors in the SEO field, but outperform them. The first step is avoiding these common SEO mistakes.

Generic Tags

For the sake of this example, let’s say you are trying to promote the new sporting goods store you just opened. You’ve engineered a comprehensive and sophisticated website that makes online shopping and getting info about your store easy and enjoyable.

But when you go to optimize your content for google searches, you use the tags “Basketball, sports, sporting goods, for sale.” Chances are the NBA, ESPN, Big 5, and Amazon are all going to come up before your local mom and pop shop.

It’s important to have these broad tags to categorize your site, but they need to be paired with tags that are as hyper-specific as possible. Tagging your posts with the city your business is in, the name of your business, and names of products you have that your competition may not have, could move you up the search engine rankings.

Not Using Your Keywords Enough

For most posts, you will only use one keyword. So it is important that it is not only used in the title of the post, but the link, the meta description, and the first paragraph of copy that appears on the page, as well as consistently using it throughout the copy.

Disregarding Analytics and Results Data

Once you start utilizing SEO to the best of your ability, it is important to keep track of what is working and what isn’t. Your web host likely reports back to you with analytics on each post, displaying how many clicks it got, and where those clicks were coming from.

Pay attention to these stats and use them to further inform your SEO decisions for the future. Don’t stick with SEO strategies that aren’t generating clicks and always experiment with new keywords and combinations to try to improve your results.

Reusing Anchor Text

You will need anchor text for every post, and while much of it will be trying to communicate the same idea, it is important not to reuse the exact same phrase every time. Having identical anchor text on every post looks awkward to customers and makes search engines suspicious of your posts.

Bad Content

We are spending so much time focusing on how to get people to find your content, it is easy to forget how important the content itself is. Sure, if you use a keyword 100 times in your copy it will make it come up more frequently on search engines, but if the keyword is awkwardly shoehorned in repeatedly, it will be a distracting turnoff for your readers and potential customers.

Pay attention to your content and prioritize good copy and engaging, informative information. Keep paying attention to SEO, and once the copy is good, the clicks will roll in.  Remember, SEO will help users find your site, but it is up to the quality of the content and information they see that will convert them from prospects to clients.

Organically working hyperlinks into your copy is a great way to improve your SEO and drive traffic to your site. The flip side, though, is having hyperlinks that no longer lead anywhere.

Your website will always be a work in progress, and this can lead to links changing, and older links going down. It will be a turnoff for customers and a disaster for your traffic if your copy is filled with dead hyperlinks.

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