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I recently had a friend tell me that our approach to working on our client’s websites makes us vulnerable because the client has control and the final say if our relationship continues or not.  He felt we should have a mechanism in place where we are the ones in control. As we increase our customer’s brand and presence online, my friend said that it will get to a point where our clients think they could do what we do all by themselves and therefore not need our services.

I had to ponder that.  Does our mission statement leave us vulnerable?

It’s a very valid point from a business-as-usual perspective. However, my instincts tell me this is all wrong for Trenchless Marketing.  Long term relationship building must be built on trust, over delivering and value. How much do you value your customer?  As an example my wife and I have hopped on a few planes and have traveled to meet with some of our clients face-to-face. I’ve got to tell you, our clients were shocked and very happy with our approach of investing back into their business, both time and money in getting to know them better. To sit across from a valued client immediately separated us from the pack.  In a digital world where relationships are based on ambiguity, false promises and emails, Trenchless Marketing stands apart.

Here’s my point, our clients must interact with their customers on a personal, one-on-one approach, so why are we any different?  Why must we be just a face that hides behind a well polished website?  I contend that true, valued, long term relationships are built on a certain sense of vulnerability-based trust.   Are we going to retain 100% of our clients? Of course not. Is our reputation built on a professional company that honestly cares for its client’s success? Of course, this is our mission statement.

Every company needs to have online marketing budget, right?  We want to be that company that works with your budget and grows your company’s bottom line.  With any real relationship there needs to be some form of vulnerability, but isn’t that what builds respect and admiration after all?  Isn’t trust the measure of the quality of the relationship?  After all, we are both sticking our necks out together in the interest of a true, valued, long term relationship based on the hope of working together for years to come.

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