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Statistics show that after watching an Animated Explainer Video, 64% of customers are more likely to choose your sewer repair company.

It’s the easiest and most cost effective way you can take your sewer repair business to the next level, increase engagement rate with your prospective customers, and sales. By having your own branded animated video explaining the benefits of trenchless sewer repair you will end up with a better informed customer, is this not the essence of your business? A recent survey conducted by Trenchless Marketing showed that our contractors, when asked how we could improve our services, replied they were tired of having to explain how trenchless sewer repair works. A well-made video should be able to remove this concern by containing facts about the types of sewer repair you offer, what the customer can expect by working with your company, and any kinds of warranties offered. Magnifying your reach and acquiring well informed potential customer ALWAYS increases sales. Moreover, a well-made animated explainer video positioned prominently on the homepage is like having a sales rep who never sleeps.

What are animated explainer videos?

An animated explainer video is a video that uses animation to explain a business idea in the form of a story. Think of it like an animated video representation of your service, that will explain to the viewer what exactly it is or it does.

Why Do You Need Videos for Your Services?

Videos have become a very efficient means of disbursing information. According to statistics, if you include a video on your landing page, your conversion rate climbs by as much as 80%. Let that little fun fact seep in for a moment. You have built your company from scratch, your work very to build your brand, why not make the small investments that help you along the way?

At a time when people have smaller attention spans, videos engage more senses than simple reading does. A well-made video can be used to educate, to convince and to inform. It can be very effectively used in marketing, especially because people tend to share videos – and, when we are talking about an exciting new(er) technology like, trenchless people tend to share those with family and friends.

How they increase inbound marketing

Animated explainer videos, no matter which kind, help increase inbound marketing by leaps and bounds. Here’s how:

SEO – Search engine optimization is something that all marketers look to achieve. Videos are extremely important tools in this arsenal. Google tends to rank useful content higher. Websites that have video content fall into this category. So by having a video on your website, you are likely to attract a greater number of eyeballs.

Shareability – People really like to share videos. A whopping ninety two per cent of mobile video consumers share videos with others. Videos are especially shared a lot on social media sites, which means they get a lot of attention from multiple people from even just one person sharing it.

Holding attention – Animated explainer videos tend to capture the imagination at a time when the average attention span of humans is just a few seconds. You might attract a visitor to your website through any number of ways, but getting them to stay and understand your business proposition is always the greater challenge. A video helps you achieve this. This, in turn, leads to greater conversion rates.

Statistics show that after watching an Animated Explainer Video, 64% of customers are more likely to choose your sewer repair company. Get an animated explainer video for your site today!

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