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Those who own a trenchless business often go unnoticed, but that does not mean the services provided are any less valuable. In fact, nearly every facet of a residential or commercial environment depends on the work that a trenchless business performs day in and day out. There is no shortage of business for qualified professionals who know how to take care of their clients.

Because a trenchless business is not on the contact list of very many people, it is quite common that many customers who find you will do online today. In days gone by, this search would have took prospective customers to the Yellow Pages, but the digital age has brought with it an entirely new way of finding important businesses and services. In order to gain new clients, you need to build a successful social media presence that allows people to find you and learn more about the services that you have to offer. Consider the following three suggestions as a way to successfully advertise your trenchless business on Facebook.

1. Harness the Power of Social Networking – The old adage that word of mouth advertising is your best friend still applies in the digital age. As you build your network, it will begin to expand as existing Facebook friends tell others about your solid reputation and services offered. Friends of friends will then become your friends…get the picture?

2. Advertise To Your Demographic Group – You want to expand you business, but that is often difficult to do in your line of work. Facebook is a great way to get your message out to individuals and companies that you might never otherwise make contact with. Similar to Google, Facebook can target your advertising message to a specific type of user and narrow it down to a particular geographical location. You choose how much to spend by focusing how many advertisements are sent out to users in your area. Make your message count and encourage users to click on the advertisement to be taken to your website.

3. Provide Frequent and Relevant Updates – Facebook users check their feeds multiple times a day. The typical Facebook user also follows many individuals and companies. If you do not provide regular updates, the odds of you getting noticed by your fans is slim to none. To avoid this, you should be posting regular updates related to your trenchless business. This type of advertising is free, so have at it. At the same time, do not post so often that people will get tired of seeing your information, making them more likely to ‘unfriend’. You want to be like the silent friend that just hovers in the background. Be subtle enough that your fans will easily remember who you are when they are need of your plumbing and sewer services. Facebook is a great venue to advertise any promotions that you might be having, helpful types for residential and commercial properties alike, and anything else of relevance to the trenchless business.

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