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The marketing strategy of any business is one of the most crucial components of drumming up new clientele on a consistent basis. Your company can have a sterling reputation, a terrific track record, and scores of satisfied customers, but without a smart marketing plan in place all of that can be rendered moot. There are a variety of ways to attract new clientele and implementing these methods is no different for trenchless contractors than it is for any other business. The key is to target the right audience and embrace the new online marketplace.

It’s not enough to just focus on offline marketing in today’s business climate anymore; you simply won’t be reaching your full potential with respect to prospective customers. But there are steps you can take to effectively market your trenchless business, here are six ways you can reach that segment of the public that you may be missing at the moment.

1. Proper Branding

It’s vital for every business to establish their brand and trenchless contractors are no exception. Your brand is an image, the first impression you make on potential clientele, and it is designed to build a positive perception of your business so that the customer is enticed to contact and hire you. This representation of your company should reflect the principles that you hold in high regard and customers are looking for in every business.

Your brand should convey professionalism.  You want to show your customers that you are reliable, dependable, you have the requisite experience in getting the job done affordably and on time. It’s really about one thing above all else – trust.

2. Promotional Materials

Good branding brings with it effective promotional materials. It starts with a logo – something that the public can visually associate with your business. Look around at the things you use and buy on a daily basis, chances are they all have a definable and recognizable logo. It’s part of that image your business conveys to potential customers.

Once you have your logo, then you need to generate promotional materials such as business cards, brochures, and maybe some giveaways you can hand to customers as a “thank you” for hiring you. Pens, magnets, little items with your logo and contact information on it, so that they remember to call you again when they need your services. The job you perform may be top notch, but these things can fade in the customer’s mind over time. Promotion is key.

3. Your Website

The Internet is where everyone goes to track down the goods and services they are looking for in today’s marketplace. Therefore, you need a good website. Notice I didn’t just say “a” website, you want one that shows the best representation of your brand.

Your website has to look professional, it must be easy to navigate, and above all, your website absolutely must convey one essential thing: you can fix their problem. The way you do this is by describing your services and the many ways you can help solve their issues. You’re an expert in this field – convince your customers of this fact. Be direct and be specific.

4. Social Media Presence

Social media is a necessity in today’s marketing strategies for just about every industry now. The power of social media can’t be denied, so making sure you establish and, more importantly, maintain a strong presence in that arena is vital to your business. There are a variety of platforms to choose from, deciding on which one(s) is most advantageous to your trenchless business is a part of any good marketing strategy. Keeping your content current and fresh on those platforms will help your customers find and follow you more readily.

5. Unique Strategies

Don’t limit yourself to just one or two types of marketing strategies. The more versatile your strategy becomes; the more customers you can reach. Any good campaign incorporates a variety of marketing channels to reach current and potential customers, including social media, online advertising, email marketing, and so on.

Your business is unique and exclusive from the competition so you need a marketing strategy to reflect that. This can come across not just in the methods of advertising, but the content as well. It must be fresh, informative, and engaging to the customer.

6. Follow the Data

Online marketing offers many benefits, perhaps the most useful is through tracking and analytics that can help measure the results you’re getting from your campaign. Collecting this valuable information will provide you with the tools to track user data and get a clear picture of the performance and efficacy of your marketing strategy. This will also help you adjust and tinker with your campaign in order to successfully reach the most clientele possible.

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