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Online marketing campaigns are a complex undertaking.  They involve everything from the content on your website and how you optimize, to your social media posts, to your advertising efforts. All of these elements must work in tandem if you want the best chance to promote your trenchless business.

In most cases, you’ll want to hire experts in SEO and online marketing.  These professionals can help and allow you the opportunity to tend to your other business tasks and concerns. However, there are a few things you may want to consider when it comes to stepping up your online marketing efforts.

1. Content Quality versus Quantity

In terms of optimization, quality content is crucial. However, many businesses also feel as though they must produce a huge quantity of new content to engage their followers. Is this really necessary?

While you certainly want to post content and updates regularly, you don’t necessarily have to spend all of your time creating mass quantities of content. This is especially true if the quality level dips as a result. You will better achieve your goals by providing clients, followers, and visitors valuable content that they actually want and can use.

Not only will less content of higher quality keep satisfy readers, but it will also make every post more impactful.  This way you’re not making noise for the sake of sticking to an unrealistic schedule of content posting.

2. Consolidate and Automate Social Media

As mentioned above, it is important to post on a regular schedule, even if it’s only once or twice a week. As for social media, you should still post daily updates.

However, you are running a business and you may not have the time to devote to such tasks. This is where the right software can help.  By automating the process and allowing you to track all of your posts and profiles on a single dashboard, you can easily step up your social media game.

3. Email Marketing for the Modern Era

Some pundits speculate that email marketing is all but obsolete as consumers use mail filters to send spam directly to the trash. However, you have a couple of advantages as a trenchless business.

For one thing, you’re marketing not to individual consumers, but rather to business entities in most cases. This means you are not only approaching a different audience, but often, email addresses to contact potential clients are publicly available through their websites.

In addition, because you’re marketing to other businesses, you will use different tactics. You have a very specific demographic in mind and you needn’t create advertising that appeals to a mainstream audience, so to speak.

When you understand these basic concepts you’ll start to see how email marketing can work for you. In addition, you have the opportunity to study prospective clients in order to tailor your email marketing efforts specifically to them. This can show a significant improvement over generic messaging.

Don’t forget about retargeting, as well. When you track visitor movements you can send out emails reminding them of what they were looking at on your site and even use this information to create special deals or other enticements.

4. Work on Your Linking Game

Linking schemes were a cause of great concern for search engines not long ago. As a result, Google put the kibosh on businesses relying on networks of shady links to earn page rank – they started delisting them.

Practically overnight, the concept of link-building became a four-letter word. And yet, search engine algorithms still rely heavily on backlinks to determine which websites should receive top ranking.

Google was successful in shutting down black hat linking schemes, but that doesn’t necessarily make link building irrelevant. You just have to go about it the right way. That means finding quality sites to post your links, offering guest posts to prominent industry blogs in exchange for a link, and encouraging social media followers to share content containing links and write reviews that point back to your website, just for example.

It’s all about building your network of quality backlinks organically these days. You simply need a strategy that reduces the burden on you and that won’t ruffle the dander of search engines.

5. Track and Analyze

It is impossible to overstate the importance of follow-up when it comes to your marketing efforts. Before the internet changed the marketing landscape, businesses would have killed to get the same feedback pertaining to their TV and radio ads.

With proper tracking tools in place you can find out who clicks your ads, how visitors interact with your website, and loads of information that can only help you to hone your marketing efforts. However, this only works if you put time and effort into tracking and analyzing the results of your online marketing.

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