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Effective marketing of your trenchless business is measured in results. The successful growth and expansion of your company requires a unique marketing campaign that is specifically targeted to the strengths and specialties of your brand, while also making it as accessible as possible to the widest segment of the public.

Good marketing incorporates an online presence that represents that brand in a positive light, helps drive traffic to your website, and provides your business with the type of advertising content that results in a consistent influx of new leads. You might be surprised by how many potential customers are seeking out a business like yours online at this very moment. It’s absolutely crucial that your name and brand are a part of that search.

Don’t think that all you need is a professional looking website, however, as online marketing is just one cog in a larger engine designed to build your customer base. Here are five of the smartest ways to maximize the results of your marketing strategies.

1. Customer Engagement

Whether it’s on your website, your social media profiles, or your advertising materials, the content you put forth towards your customers must be unique and current. Tone is important when you’re engaging with your customers and you want to maintain a professional appearance at all times. That isn’t to suggest that your content has to be dry and staid, you can incorporate humor into your materials, but it must always be done with an eye towards conveying trust in your clientele.

The best way to identify the appropriate tone and message for your clients is to engage with them.  Read online comments, encourage feedback, or even publish polls and questions on your social media pages so you can gain a better understanding of your customer base.  This also works to encourage loyalty as, once customers engage with your business, they are more likely to use your services again.

No matter what message your considering for your marketing materials, you will want to avoid giving customers the hard sell. Any business that comes on too strong is going to drive away customers instead of attract them to a service. It doesn’t convey confidence, but instead, desperate frustration.

2. Keep it Simple

Too many businesses make the mistake of forcing their clientele to perform a litany of clicks to get to the online information they’re seeking. The fewer steps needed to get to a potential customer to contact you, the better. So make sure you take a direct approach to the design of your website and make the content clear and easy to understand. Online advertising should click directly to the pertinent material and landing pages that they are looking to find.

When a client is searching for a company to fix their problem, they want it done immediately. Don’t make them search out the solution, your company should be the answer. You want them to realize that fast, so avoid any unnecessary obstacles.

3. Build Your Database

Potential jobs don’t always originate with new customers seeking you out online as many of them can come from contacts that you’ve gleaned through previous jobs. Every phase of a project presents new opportunities for gathering contacts, from preparation to design, permits to bidding, and so on. You never stop networking and that includes during the job.

Building a large database enables your marketing to reach an even wider audience and incorporating those contracts into a reliable online contact management program will help you target your online (and offline) marketing strategies for the most efficacy.

4. Convey Professionalism at All Times

You and your employees are the best representation of your business and that goes beyond your online presence. It’s portrayed in your relationships with clients and contractors and at the job-site as well. The image you present during a job is multifaceted. Placing signage around the site with your company name and logo on it will get more eyes on your brand. This can be done by presenting it on work vehicles, T-shirts of your employees, and physical signs or banners. Potential customers will see this signage and then seek you out online.

But you want to be sure your job-site is the best representation of your brand and service, so keep those trucks clean, your workers polite, courteous, and presentable, and the job-site orderly and organized. Show how proud you are of your work on all of your social media platforms, this will keep your content current and relevant to the information potential clients are seeking from your marketing strategy.

5. Do Your Research

It’s not enough to simply create a marketing campaign, throw it out there, and hope it works. Online marketing strategies are constantly evolving, so conducting the proper analysis and research to determine how much of the public you are reaching is a critical component of any good campaign. In order to fully maximize your business marketing, make sure you take full advantage of the tools and metrics that evaluate your results so you can tailor your strategy for the most impact.

Without this crucial analysis, how will you know what’s working and what isn’t so you can course correct to reach that segment of your potential clientele? You can’t…so do your research.

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