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Many business owners are interested in getting on board with the benefits inherent to social media, including lead generation, increased visibility, audience engagement, and promotional opportunities, just for example. Unfortunately, you might have some doubts about how you can use social media to your advantage.

As a trenchless service provider, you have other things to worry about. After all, you have a business to run. You don’t necessarily have time to set up, monitor, and maintain social media accounts, much less figure out how best to leverage them for greater success in business.

The good news is that there are both tools and professional services available to help you. Whether you intend to manage your own social media strategies or you could use a hand, here are a few tips for trenchless contractors interested in entering the social media landscape.

1. Automate

Once you’ve set up your professional social media profiles you’ll find that there are a variety of tools to help you automate processes and avoid repetitive, time-wasting tasks. The simplest ones allow you to create a queue for posts and updates so you can enter a bunch at once and have them auto post over the course of several hours or days.

You can also get tools that promote evergreen content (content that is always useful) at set intervals so you don’t have to remember to do it. This allows you to repurpose content when you’re too busy to create new material. You can also automate pushing new content from your blog to all of your social media channels at once.

In addition, you could send out automated emails to welcome new followers or thank them for likes, shares, re-posts, or other actions, just for example. There is no shortage of tools to help you automate repetitive social media tasks.

Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the need to check in regularly in order to monitor comments and interact with your social community. However, automation tools can definitely reduce the burden on your time that is currently taken up with unnecessary tasks.

2. Hire Help

Whether you don’t have time to keep up with your social media management or you simply don’t know how to make the most of your accounts, you should consider the benefits of hiring social media management experts. These professionals can work with you to plan and implement a social media strategy that suits your budget and helps you to reach your goals.

In addition, social media management professionals can do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping up with both current and emerging social media platforms and the services and tools they offer so you don’t have to. With the right strategies you’ll see a return on investment that makes your expenditure worthwhile. Consider that you already pay third-party providers for services like accounting and marketing and you can see the value in hiring an expert in social media management.

3. Devote Time to Social Media Tasks

Even if you hire a professional for social media management, it’s still important to participate. You need to know what’s happening with your accounts and spend some time interacting with your social community.

This can be easily accomplished by devoting a modicum of time each day to checking in and interacting with followers. When you treat it as part of your job, it’s easy to set aside 15-30 minutes per day for this task, and it’s necessary if you want to make the most of your social media accounts.

4. Integrate Social Media into Your Overall Marketing Strategies

Social media has become an essential part of most online marketing strategies. Whether you’re promoting content, advertising through social media, running contests, or offering special deals for followers, your social media platforms can help to boost visibility and increase conversions.

5. Track and Analyze

Seeing the results of marketing efforts used to be a lot more difficult. However, your efforts in the online arena are easy to track thanks to a slew of programs that provide you with relevant metrics.

If you’re going to bother spending time or money on your social media efforts, you need to know the impact you’re having. By tracking and analyzing resultant data you can spot flaws in your strategy and amend them for greater success in the future.

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