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Search Engine Optimization

If you want web traffic — real web traffic — you’re going to need to organically rank at the top of your target keywords’ search engine results pages. The only trouble is that the results on the first search engine results page get the most traffic, with the number one position getting the lion’s share.

As Search Engine Watch reports, Google’s first ranked result gets about 32.5% of web traffic; the second gets 17.6% of web traffic; and the third gets 11.4% of web traffic. When all is said and done, the results on the first search engine results page get a whopping 92% of web traffic.

Website Design

Have an idea that you’re looking to bring to life? Trenchless Marketing can make it reality by assisting you in crafting an elegant design suited to perform to your business needs via tried and tested content management systems such as WordPress. Our creative team’s years of experience and strong passion to exceed your expectations will keep you ahead of the curve, and let your site sing.

Logo Design

Looking for a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol to help promote your company and gain public recognition? Look no further than Trenchless Marketing. A logo is the visual body of your organization that symbolizes your message and goals, and therefore, it is very important to have a great design represent you. Allow our team at Trenchless Marketing to assist in crafting a unique design appropriated to your business’s needs and convey what your business represents to your audience.

Content Writing

It can be said that there is nothing more important than good quality copywriting for your website. This is what effectively separates you from your competition in the eyes of your potential customer and Google. The need for well-written content cannot be overstated.

Trenchless Marketing offers industry leading, U.S. based content writing for the Trenchless community. We understand what the search engines desire to see and we understand that the right content better engages the consumer.

Social Media

Social media marketing is not a passing fad. People aren’t going on social media to pass time, anymore. They’re there to network, read news, and get info on products and services, like the ones your business offers. Almost half (46%) of Internet users turn to social media when making purchases.

Nowadays, the vast majority of companies are on social media. Eight out of 10 small- and medium-sized businesses use social media to grow their business. Three in five small- and medium-sized business also say that they’ve gained new customers and clients by using social media.

Video Production

Animated videos or explainer videos are brief educational or promotional videos that have become popular for business use. These videos are normally one to two minutes in length and they usually promote a service or product briefly and concisely in an entertaining format.

There are numerous studies and statistics that have proven that explainer videos and similar types of videos can have a positive effect on retention, sales and conversion rates for several different types of businesses. These videos are an excellent marketing tool for any business that wants to quickly give an overview of their services or products to their potential customers.

Website Hosting

Our web hosting provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. Our unique web hosting service allows us to deliver maximum value to a client’s website or webpage. Our servers feature SSD technology allowing us to offer the fastest load times and greatest mobile compatibility across all client web properties.

Additionally, our service offers the integration of a secure socket layer (SSL) encryption for all client sites. This allows us to guarantee that the information sent via your website remains secure. Our servers are also fully redundant and feature external air gapped backups in case of any emergency.

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