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Did you know: 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase in 2013 based on a promotional email they received?

Email marketing works. For every single dollar spent on an email marketing campaign, the average return is about $44.25, which means that an email campaign with a budget of $300 will receive about $13,275 in return.

Why not make email marketing work for you? Our email marketing services can attract the attention of new, high-value, target audiences, warm leads, and loyal customers alike all to bring in what matters most: more revenue.

All you have to do is present your recipients with something of value: digital coupons, news about a sale, special offers on new inventory, pertinent information that they’d like to hear. Something that they’d want to exchange their precious time to have.

Then, let our email marketing service handle the rest. The tools are easy to use and set up. We have all the templates, images, and apparatuses you’ll need to nurture prospects and customers. You can effortlessly target high-value audiences, and automate it so that it does the work for you.

Best of all, our email marketing services also allow you find out what happens after you send your promotional emails out into the world. You can see who’s opening them, who’s tossing them, who’s subscribing, who’s unsubscribing, and more. Our email marketing services allow you to measure the new leads you’re getting over the course of your campaign, and nurture them as the campaign goes on.

Our all-in-one reporting also makes things as easy as possible for you, giving you everything you could possibly need. Our email marketing software is more than enough to efficiently monitor, and manage your email campaign, providing you with the analytics and data you want, which you can then use in tangent with your other online marketing campaigns to maximize and amplify the effect of your digital marketing strategies.